Splash Magazines LA, Dec 2013

Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Denise Miller, State Senator Carol Liu

We recently had the honor of attending “A Day of Art, History and Culture”, an event hosted by The Glendale Commission on The Status of Women at Forest Lawn Museum. After the event we interviewed Chris Hlad: “The notion of having an art exhibit at a Memorial Park might come across as odd – to say the least – to some people. But if you look at it from a different perspective, it is actually the perfect locale for an art exhibit because Memorial Parks also represent love and beauty. The Glendale Commission on the Status of Women and Forest Lawn Museum presented “A Day of Art, History and Culture”, an event celebrating the current exhibit of female artists and a panel discussion with the experts in the field at the stunning Forest Lawn Glendale Museum in a breathtakingly beautiful Memorial Garden.

Independent Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis had the foresight to see that this concept would work when Denise Miller from the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women asked her to be involved and host this event.  Because of her passion for art and organizations that promote women, she agreed to host the panel discussion at this event, which featured artists: Ruth Weisberg and Margaret Lazzari, State Senator Carol Liu and Art Historian Karen Schifman.

Truth be told, it would be difficult to find a better venue for this exhibit than Forest Lawn Museum with its beautiful presentation hall and the stunning adjacent Museum.  Even on this particular Saturday, where Los Angeles experienced its first significant rainfall of the season, this final resting place for those who have completed the journey of life provided the perfect backdrop for this event.

Resting in the Glendale Hills, Forest Lawn Memorial Park is so beautiful not even the storm raging outside could take away from its beauty.  Much like the artwork on display, the Forest Lawn Memorial Park radiates love, life, beauty and vitality.

 Left: Artist Alice Davis

Suzanne has a knack for making the unconventional conventional, and as I think about this, I was watching the artists and other well-knowns walking down the ever present red carpet to my left, while sitting in a beautiful, high ceilinged roofed amphitheater, at the front of which the panel discussion would later take place. The seats in the venue are the color of chestnut red, sitting atop a sloping, beautifully tiled floor.  It reminded me of L.A.’s theatres of old – a classy combination of architecture, ambience and perfect acoustics.  The mural painted on the high blue ceiling added to the vibe of the venue, which is one of grace, style and life.


Right: Director/Producer Cameron Romero

This absolutely was the perfect place to celebrate and educate those in attendance with the 24 artists who have had an impact no only on Los Angeles art, but it’s rich history and culture as well, and the Museum housing the artwork was the perfect complement to such a beautiful venue where the panel discussion was held.

To appreciate any art, you really have to immerse yourself in the work in front of you, which is exactly what I did.  The museum was small enough to let me get up close and personal with the artwork, but it never felt congested or claustrophobic.  It was more like looking at art in somebody’s living room, allowing you to take your time and swim in the works that you faced.  It is an experience that will refresh your mind and soul, which again was so apropos of the setting.

Left: Artist Gayle Garner Roski

Forest Lawn Museums presentation of “LA Woman, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” will run through January 5, 2014 and admission and parking are free. You definitely don’t want to miss it.”

The exhibit featured successful female artists from the past and present including: Judith F. Baca, Lili Bernard, Dorr Bothwell, Judy Chicago, Alice Estes Davis, Ofelia Esparza, Margaret Garcia, Claire Falkenstein, Ynez Johnston, Suzanne Lacy, Artis Lane, Helen Lundeberg, Marisa Mandler, Margaret Lazzari, Ann Page, Sonia Romero, Gayle Garner Roski, Betye Saar, Henrietta Shore, Joyce Wahl Treiman, June Wayne, Ruth Weisberg, Patty Wickman, and Beatrice Wood. This was the first time that these women have ever exhibited together, and over fifty works of art will be on display.

Guests were treated to an array of gifts sponsored by: Massage Envy Spa, Suzanne DeLaurentiis Designs, Hodges Collection and Life Creations. A panel discussion followed the exhibit with special guest speakers artists Ruth Weisberg and Margaret Lazzari, state senator Carol Liu and art historian Karen Schifman and was hosted by independent producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis.


Suzanne DeLaurentiis (right) and Denise Miller