Little League International 2005

The City of Angels Little League (which I founded) was selected to participate in the 2005 Urban Initiative Jamboree at the Little League International Headquarters in Williamsport, PA.

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City of Angels Little League

2005 Little League
Urban Initiative Jamboree

City Of Angels Little League
Los Angeles, Calif.

In front from left are: Jose Anaya, Scott Murakami, Saul Escamilla, Steve Martinez, Michael Mejia, Kevin Pineda, Ernesto Garcia, and Ralph Manzo. In back from left are: Coach Richard Orosco, Coach Ronald Weaver, Ernesto Robles, Daniel Hernandez, Henry Dillinger, William Oh, Hansel Escamilla, Alejandro Andrews, and Coach Jake Alba.

City of Angels Little League: Located in Los Angeles, Calif., City of Angels Little League is in California District 5 under District Administrator Marty Hoy. The league has grown from two to 12 teams since becoming a chartered member of Little League in 2000, through the Little League Urban Initiative. Approximately 140 children are participating in City of Angels Little League. A field renovation project involving the Little League Urban Initiative, Major League Baseball’s Baseball Tomorrow Fund, and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Dream Foundation is scheduled to begin in 2006. The league president is Lili Bernard-Ferguson.


William Oh

Daniel Hernandez
Steve Martinez
Scott Murakami
Henry Dillinger
Saul Escamilla
Jose Anaya
Kevin Munoz
Michael Mejia
Ralph Manzo
Ernesto Robles
Hondo Andrews
Hansel Escamilla
Ernesto Garcia

Adult Volunteers

Manager Jake Alba
Coach Ronald Weaver
Coach Richard Orosco
Umpire Wil Aaron