Echo Conference, Mar 2020

Echo Conference 2020

March 11 & 12, 2020, The California Endowment Center for Healthy Communities, 1000 N Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

echo conference 2020

Silent No More Anti-Rape Art Therapy Workshop by Lili Bernard, Echo Conference 2020

ECHO CONFERENCE 2020 Speakers & Presenters

Survivor Empowerment – Stepping into Our Power & Voice

Judith Herman wrote Trauma and Recovery, “Trauma robs the victim of a sense of power and control over her own life; therefore, the guiding principle of recovery is to restore power and control to the survivor.” Whatever the stage of trauma recovery we are in, having power and control in own lives will help reverse the impact of trauma. We don’t have the power always to bring our abusers to justice, however, we do have power to choose what and who we will be defined by.

As a Weinstein survivor, Louise knows what it is to be defined by the actions of our abuser. But we are so much more than our trauma histories – we are parents, siblings, activists, artists, community members, advocates… Louise will talk about Echo’s work and why we decided to make this conference a celebration of the power and voice we have both individually and as a community of survivors.

Gender Violence & Women of Color

This powerful presentation will encourage participants to think about the complexity of silence breaking and the necessity of creating an equitable environment for all survivors of sexual violence – especially those from historically marginalized groups. It is an affirming, empowering acknowledgement of the challenges survivors face when coming forward, as well as a call to action for participants to reframe their thoughts around race, class, and the systematic way social movements exclude women of color.

Out of the Shadows and Into The Light: Uncovering the Ugly Truth and Forging the Way Forward

In the fall of 2017 and since then, millions of people across the globe disclosed the widespread sexual violence against them, supported and empowered by the disclosures of the brave #SilenceBreakers. Women across all walks, from the least visible to the most visible, were among them. People en masse were encouraged to speak their truths. However, little was known about what was next or the way forward following these disclosures. Activist Mónica Ramírez will shed light on what this watershed moment meant for migrant women and other low paid workers, the consequences and opportunities that come from speaking out and the ways in which communities can help support survivors long after the cameras have gone away and the social media posts have been forgotten.

Dating & Intimacy After Trauma

Many people find their ability to connect and form intimate relationships altered following interpersonal trauma. Trauma survivors often report a decrease in relationship satisfaction, along with impaired expression of emotion, sexual activity, intimacy, communication, and adjustment. This workshop will provide an overview of the emotional, psychological and social impact of interpersonal trauma on dating and forming intimate connections. Strategies will be given to assist in identifying and processing damaging and destructive relational behaviors in order to reconstruct healthier relationships.

Challenging the System: Defining a New Pathway Toward Survivor Centered Justice 

We are striving for a world where each survivor defines justice for themselves. A world where survivors are listened to, truly centered, supported, and valued. We are collectively working toward this. However, many survivors are forced to work within a system to change a system. Join us for one survivor’s journey as she’s challenging and changing the system.

Collective Art Piece: Breaking the Soundproof Glass, Single Voices Connected Together as One

In my own journey and healing process marking events and working through memories or feelings with physical activities and art has helped me to begin to trust my voice, tell my story, and ground and value my experience. We come together as many different voices but all of us are vital.  Joining together, during these two days, and in participating together in this art piece, we value and make this commitment to ourselves and one another.  We will come together in ways of our individual choosing, to create a collective piece of art which commemorates and celebrates both our individual voices and our magnificent collective voice, breaking down the invisible walls put in place that have kept survivors apart and in silence. We celebrate our rising, our resiliency and the power and bonds we hold together. We break the soundproof glass that has meant to keep us small and alone.

Workshop Facilitators

Break Free & Build Your Dreams

From MeToo survivor to Grammy nominee: Nomi Abadi’s workshop is about bringing dreams into fruition and turning pain into success. Women will use their resourcefulness and passion to overcome external forces and internal obstacles, and optimize the space they fill in the world as they take the steps to build a career from what they love most… Even a most wild wish from childhood that seems impossible! We will discuss drive, organization skills, mental clarity/clearing out unproductive energy, finances, creating a support system, and leadership.

Turning Your Pain into Passion & Purpose

In this breakout session you will learn tangible ways to step into your strength, ignite your passion and regain your power after trauma and in particular as a victim of sexual violence.
Suffering a violent act can often derail our dreams and well being. The goal of this workshop is to help inspire growth, embrace new, unexpected paths and turn your trauma into triumph.

Silent No More Anti-Rape Art Therapy Workshop

Lili Bernard: Silent No More Anti-Rape Art Therapy Workshop involves the making of  functional art objects, group exercise and discussion, as creative vehicles of support and empowerment that encourage participants to use their voices in order to combat rape culture and to help heal themselves and society. Whether they are survivors, bystanders or advocates of sexual assault victims, through the use of metaphor, participants of all genders experience the personal and therapeutic impact of speaking out against sexual violence. The trope of the workshop is the Chinese philosophy known as “Yin-Yang,” the interconnectivity of opposing forces.  Explored in the exercise is the duality of sexual trauma juxtaposed against healing.

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness

This experiential workshop is an introduction to understanding the basics of secular mindfulness, trauma from a neurobiological view, and how to manage traumatic stress during meditation. Participants will learn how to incorporate trauma-informed care principles when guiding or experiencing mind-body practices and how to interrupt the hijacking of the nervous system’s stress response through the cultivation of self-regulation and self-compassion. 

Theater for Trauma Recovery

Tasha Dixon, actress and trauma survivor, will guide participants in the use of artistic tools such as improvisation and freewriting to find their voice. She will showcase different techniques that not only explore our feelings, but also help us move through emotions we may be stuck in. Performance is not needed in this workshop, but should anyone wish to step into the space it is welcomed.  

Parenting After Trauma

When violence happens, it’s hard to imagine how you could live your life again. Learning about trauma is essential to healing yourself and your children. In this workshop you will gain an understanding in how trauma impacts our daily lives and our parenting. Based on the latest research on the brain and attachment you will learn how to recognize trauma in yourself and others. Karen will offer strategies for emotional regulation for you and your child.

Listening Circle Facilitators & Presenters

Caitlin Dulany is an actress who has been in numerous productions, including the Warner Brothers film ‘Project X’ and television shows ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘ER’. She is featured in the Official 2019 Sundance Festival Selection Documentary ”Untouchable” on Hulu about the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Since speaking out against Harvey Weinstein in 2017, she has become a passionate advocate for change in the area of sexual assault and harassment within the entertainment industry and beyond. In 2018, she founded Voices in Action, alongside actress and survivor, Jessica Barth. Voices in Action is an accessible and safe space to report incidents of assault online, whose mission is to empower victims, and to promote equality, inclusion, and accountability.

Larissa Gomes has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, and as a Silence Breaker in the ‘Me Too’ movement, she is driven to help create a safer workplace for all.

Sarah Ann Masse is an actor, writer, filmmaker, comedian, activist and Silence Breaker. She is an outspoken voice against the patriarchy and rape culture, a tireless supporter of survivors of sexual violence, and is one of the many women to come forward about her abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.

Lizette Martinez was a naive 17-year-old the first time she met R. Kelly in a Miami mall. She was walking with her best friend, when his security guard handed her a folded up phone number that changed her life forever. The second time Lizzette’s life changed forever, was when she participated in the Emmy nominated documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”. Suddenly, everyone knew her name, and her story and she needed to use that to do good in the world!