CCF We Are Los Angeles, Nov 2016

Completed and Installed End Rape SOL Memorial Angel by Lili Bernard for California Community Foundation (CCF) 2016 We Are Los Angeles Project:

#EndRapeSOL #CA Memorial Angel I made for the #WeArReLosAngeles #PublicArt installation which opened on November 12, 2016 at #GrandPark in #DowntownLA sponsored by #CaliforniaCommunityFoundation. I’m one of 32 commissioned #LosAngeles-based #artists in the #exhibit.

The angel commemorates the people involved in the grassroots movement, #EndRapeSOL, and legislators who worked together to abolish the statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault in California.

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Lili Bernard | #EndRape SOL #CA Memorial

Lili Bernard

Lili Bernard

Within our great City of Angels there are everyday people and professionals who, through grassroots and legislative efforts, are diligently changing the victim-blaming and abandoning misogynistic culture of rape. We are making our communities safer places for all individuals, female and male, through our campaign to change laws that will discourage rape, by holding sexual predators accountable for their crimes no matter how much time has passed.

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