HABLA Adult Collaborative

August 2009 – March 2011. HABLA (Harvesting Asian, Black, Latino Artists) Adult Collaborative was an experimental project, which I organized and hosted, for underrepresented artists of all ethnicities, including Caucasian. Over the period of a year and a half, I hosted and led monthly meetings, artist talks and critiques in my Chinatown art studio.

As a group, the HABLA collaborative co-curated eight well-attended HABLA group art exhibitions in the gallery basement of my art studio, which we referred to as the HABLA Underground. The exhibitions often involved performances.

For a photo album of my work mentoring HABLA youth, click here.

SLIDE SHOW: HABLA (Harvesting Asian, Black, Latino Artists) Adult Collaborative

Artists who participated in the collaborative included J Michael Walker, Young Yun Summers, José Acosta, Wendell Wiggins, Alicia Galindo, Mark Broyard, Donna Angers, Hugh O’Mara (R.I.P.), Ingrid Elberg, Jennifer Gutierrez Morgan, Jim Starks Jr., Jorge Vismara, Christie Shinn, Joel Lopez, Kevin T. Williams, Special K, Cre-8, Bob Bright, Cola Smith, Alisa Adona, William Sheffield, Karen Ter-Sarkisian, Rufus Sanders, Debra Vernado, Cynthia Rogers, Ray Chavez, Jasmine Orpilla, Angela Ortiz, Dan Wong, Rick Rodriguez, Deivis Garcia, Eddy Bello-Sandoval, William Jackson, Wilki Tom, Stanley Rosenthal, Lili Bernard and others.