City of Angels Little League

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Jan 2001 – Feb 2016. In January 2001, I founded and charted the multicultural City of Angels Little League (CALL), which was an all volunteer-run nonprofit (501-c3) youth organization in Los Angeles that functioned for fifteen years. I grew up playing Little Baseball in a field within walking distance from my childhood home in Princeton, Jct., New Jersey, right behind the house of my cousin, Fernando Perez, who also played on the same field. Fernando grew up to play professional baseball in the 2008 World Series for Tampa Bay, after graduating from Columbia University.

The reason I started CALL was purely personal.  When my first-born child came of age to play T-Ball in 2000; I found out that there had never been any Little League in our part of Los Angeles. The only option was for me to found and charter our local Little League, which I did in January of 2001. I served as the league president for the first year.  My husband, Franklin Ferguson, Jr., has served as the league president for throughout the rest of the years. The league served several hundreds of Los Angeles inner-city families won many Little League championships.  We were also awarded several certificates and personal letters of recognition from government officials, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

My cousin Fernando has led several baseball clinics for CALL and on one occasion brought with him his Tampa Bay Major League all-star World Series 2008 teammate, Evan Longoria, pictured in the slide show below.   Click here for our league website.


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