LA Parent Magazine, Nov 2007

This article in LA Parent Magazine featured me 6 months before I gave birth to my sixth child, daughter Zion.

Lili Bernard and Sons November 2007

A Who’s Who of Hip Parents
by Katrina Andrews
November 2007

We’ve all known people who don’t follow the crowd. The artists hungry to starve for the sake of their art, the musicians who follow wherever the beat leads — they’re often the people we secretly admire. But what happens when these hip people become parents? Do they become just regular folk like the rest of us? Here are a few who have become moms and dads without sacrificing their dreams.

Lili Bernard is an artist who specializes in oil paintings.  Out of her studio in Chinatown, she not only creates phenomenal works of art, she also runs a nonprofit youth mentoring fine arts program ( And she has five sons under the age of ten! Rafael (9), Isaiah (8), Elias (6), Uriel (5) and Joshua (2).

Q: Do you have a unique hobby?
A: Outside of playing with colors? Yes, giving birth!
Q: What is your parenting philosophy?
A: To regard my children as gifts of heaven on Earth.
Q: What’s the coolest thing about your job?
A: Painting in the presence of my children, who are my greatest Earthly inspiration and my most valuable art critics.

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Lili Bernard in LA Parent Magazine
Lili Bernard in LA Parent Magazine