Align Gallery, Sep 2015

Align Gallery Celebrates Latino History

The Latino Appreciation Exhibition Series

Align’s opening group-show premieres during the NELA art walk on Saturday, September 12, 2015. Titled “Podemos y Hacemos” (We Can And We Will), the event will showcase the work of Margaret Garcia, Barbara Carrasco, Pola Lopez, Lili Bernard, Nychole Owens, Donna Bates, Laura Lacamara, Mayte Escobar, Miriam Jackson, Bonnie Lambert, Lilia Ramirez, Loushana Roybal-Rose, Daniel Ramirez and Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo. The focus of this show is to emphasize the power and presence of female influences within Latino history — whether they be mothers, activists, artists, or icons, Latino culture has many unsung heroines and Align Gallery is happy to be in the forefront of exhibiting culturally relevant and emotionally moving art.

Self Portrait in Pallet Knife, Red Mouth, Oil on Canvas, 30”x26" © 2010 by Lili Bernard, Available for Purchase

Lili Bernard. Self Portrait in Pallet Knife, Red Mouth, 2010. Oil on Canvas, 30”x26″