Work of Motherhood: Project Parenthood

By far, the most important, fulfilling and creative work in my life has been the rearing of my six children to whom I gave birth in a ten year span.  I am grateful to God for trusting me to usher these six souls into life on earth through their childhood.

Lili Bernard and her children Rafael, Isaiah, Elias, Uriel, Joshua and Zion, February 2019, Los Angeles, CA

Lili Bernard and her children Rafael, Isaiah, Elias, Uriel, Joshua and Zion, February 2019, Los Angeles, CA


Carving pumpkins on Halloween 2012 with my youngest two, my son Joshua and my daughter Zion


9 months pregnant with Zion. My 3 year old son Joshua is about to meet his sister. 2008, Los Angeles


In labor with Zion, 2008


Zion fresh from my womb


Dr. Carole Jordan-Harris, who is an art collector and activist as well as an ObGyn and surgeon, delivered all six of my children and has been a long-standing supporter of my art and arts activism .


First things first, nursing Zion 


A good look at my new little girl


The four oldest boys meet their first sister


Joshua joins his four big brothers to greet his new baby sister.


Three year old Joshua is elated to meet the new baby of the family.


The 8 of us at Zion’s birth, 2008, Los Angeles, CA


My parents and my husband’s mom anoint Zion’s head with Holy water at her baptism. She was just two days old. We went straight from the hospital to the church.


Zion’s Baptism, 2008, Los Angeles, CA


Zion’s baptism.  In her Godfather’s arms.  Los Angeles, CA


Baptizing Zion into the art world, four months after her birth, at the opening reception of my Bridges art show, William Grant Still Arts Center, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, 2008


Exposing the six children to living history, here with Tuskegee Airman Oliver Goodall at our dear friend’s funeral, Tuskegee Airman Roger “Bill” Terry, June 2009, Los Angeles. Since 1994, I have been working on and off on a documentary film on Black World War II veterans.

2010 Cuban Music Festival, Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA

Performing Che Chango with my children on percussion, 2010 Cuban Music Festival, Echo Park, Los Angeles

Visual and Performing Arts High School #9, Los Angeles, CA, April 2011, Che Chango by Lili Bernard

Performing Che Chango with my 6 children on percussion, Visual and Performing Arts High School, Los Angeles, April 2011

The children in front of my Chinatown, Los Angeles art studio, September 2010


In church on Christmas Day 2010


Stair-step siblings, Memorial Day, May 2011


February 2012

willie april 2012

Visiting our friend, artist Willie Middlebrook, in the hospital a few days before he passed. April 2012


My son Uriel plays Elegua in my public engagement art performance, Donning and Dismissal of the Conqueror’s Coiffure, orrance Art Museum, Mas Attack Exhibition, October 12, 2013


My daughter Zion executing her part in the performance piece, October 12, 2013, Torrance Art Museum


My daughter Zion and I demonstrate to the public how to engage in my installation, Orishas Through the Crossroads and the Gate, California African American Museum, Los Angeles, CA, July 2013


On a family TV commercial audition, November 2013


Memorial Day 2014 on Venice Beach, CA, May 26, 2014


(L-R) Rafael (16), Isaiah (15), Elias (14), Uriel (12), Joshua (9) and Zion (6), Spain, Summer Vacation, August 2014

Venice Beach August 2015 Web

My six children, ages seven to seventeen, Venice Beach California, August 2015

Rafa High School Graduation June 2015

Our eldest son’s high school graduation. June 2015, Los Angeles, CA