Zion Bernard Ferguson

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ZION BERNARD FERGUSON, born in 2008, loves to sing, act, swim do Tae Kwon Do, and play soccer, basketball and softball. Currently 10-years-old, Zion is the poster child-spokesperson for ERAnow. At the age of 8, she appears in the 2017 Official White House video of celebrities and every day people sharing their favorite President Obama Moment.  She is also a soloist in the youth Gospel choir of our church.

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Zion Narrates ERAnow PSA , July 2018.

Zion comments on-camera below in between Melinda and Bill Gates and John Legend at the 1:57 minute mark. She says, “My favorite President Obama moment was when he was elected president in 2008, ’cause in 2008 was when I was born.”

Here is Zion, on her 5th birthday, singing a song she made up.

Zion Bernard Ferguson