Uriel Bernard Ferguson

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URIEL BERNARD FERGUSON (SAG/AFTRA) was born in 2002, and is an all-star competetive athlete in Soccer, Basket Ball, Baseball and Football. He is also an excellent swimmer and does Tae Kwon Do. Below are TV commercials in which Uriel appears as a principal player.

Uriel plays young Kobe Bryant in the 2014 Panini Commercial

He is the big kid on the block in the HHGreg 2014 commercial.

He is the “Hero Boy” (main character) in this pharmaceutical ad, 2013.

Uriel in a David Beckham H&M Commercial with his brother Elias, released in 2013

 Uriel is Featured in this Short Teaser of the David Beckham H&M Ad

Uriel is Featured in this Behind the Scenes Look at David Beckham’s H&M Ad

Uriel with a Speaking Role in a Landon Donovan Major League Soccer Commercial, airing 2012 – present

Uriel in Cadillac Commercial, Released July 2011