Joshua Bernard Ferguson

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JOSHUA BERNARD FERGUSON (SAG/AFTRA) was born in 2005, and is an all-star competitive athlete in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Track. He also swims and is a green belt-black stripe in Tae Kwon Do, and is a tenor soloist in the New Generation Gospel Choir Los Angeles.

Joshua in 2019, Speaks on his experience as a soloist in the New Generation Gospel Choir since 2012

Joshua Headshot 2019 web

Joshua Bernard Ferguson in 2019. Age: 14

Joshua is the punchline of this Embassy Suites Hotel Commercial which began airing in January 2014.

Joshua is a principal in the Publix Thanksgiving 2013 TV commercial.

Joshua is a principal in a Walmart Christmas 2011 and 2010 TV commercial. Josh is the boy jumping on the bed.

Joshua’s First Time Leading Our Church’s Children’s Choir – 8 Years Old, October 2013 Joshua has loved mangos since he was a baby . . .