Elias Bernard Ferguson

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ELIAS BERNARD FERGUSON (SAG/AFTRA) was born in 2000, and is an all-star competitive athlete in Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and swimming.  He also does Tae Kwon Do. Below are TV commercials in which Elias appears as a principal player.  Here is his Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Commercial which began airing in May 2013. (Scroll down for more of Elias’ commercials.)

Elias is a principal (with his brother Uriel) in this TV commercial with David Beckham for H&M, began airing in February 2013.

Elias in Cadillac Commercial as a Soccer Kid, began airing in July 2011

Elias’ 4th Grade Reading Video Project

Elias’ 6th Grade Science Class Weather Forecast Video